The power of gratitude

Gratitude is a practice you cultivate and nurture each day. Just like any habit, it takes time to grow into part of your daily life and even when it does, I think it is better practised mindfully than just habitually.

I find over time when you consistently feel grateful for even the seemingly negative things that come your way, you find the blessings in everything. You see the good in things that you once thought were bad and light shines on things that once seemed dark. There is something to be grateful for in every moment and even if that isn’t possible, the breath you took is worth gratitude, isn’t it?

I’ve begun making my first thoughts as I wake and my last thoughts as I close my eyes about gratitude. I am grateful for everything and my health and that of my kids being top of the list. The more you are grateful for, the more you can see to be grateful for, and then it just seems as though more and more things to be grateful for pour into your life. Gratitude is like a flower that just continues to blossom and grow the more you nurture it. The power it weaves throughout your life is incredible and cannot truly be comprehended unless it is experienced….

So, start today, be grateful – how lucky you are and at every moment you can throughout your day, feel gratitude…see how your life changes.

Image credit Jen Theodore Unsplash @jentheodore thank you!