Daily Prompt: The Conveyor

It is in and of itself, this thing that I describe,

a perpetual motion of moments, so difficult to transcribe.

Powerful and yet so delicate, a paradox for sure,

you’ll want to try and catch it, and keep it more and more.

Its nature is all encompassing, omnipresent with no bounds,

sit silently I ask you, be present and hear the sounds.

Nurturing from within, restoring your inner peace,

you are part of it and it of you, for that will never cease.

Whatever you hold inside you, fear not this mighty conveyor

It is of course meditation, of which I’m a humble purveyor.


The Mighty Conveyor


[Photo credit to my lovely photographer friend, Gayle Bevan, who took this photo of me while in prayer pose]

Daily Prompt: Trill

Silence still settles as meditation begins,

darkness shrouds dawn as little bird sings.

Settling in, thoughts float up above,

sadness, hope, anger, fear, peace and love.

So, breathing in and hum, breathing out,

dawn is approaching, the warblers shout.

Focusing attention so mind is still,

good morning said blackbird in his descending trill


Lovely word, trill, to inspire a meditative poem, thank you.



[I took this image while walking my dog early morning and the silhouette of the bird in the tree struck me..a little moments of joy]