Unlikely that…

I love these photo challenges….but when I read the amazing experience of the cheetah in the back of the truck, I was perplexed at what could be as unlikely as that.

On a side note, it made me think about being more mindful of ‘unlikely’ when out with my camera, but then I guess it wouldn’t be unlikely if I was being mindful of it, and so a whole paradox in terms.

We visited the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddi, Pembrokeshire, where the annual Red Bull cliff diving world series takes place. The lagoon is a former slate quarry and so there is a high slate wall beneath the much higher cliffs behind. It is still frighteningly high, but my fearless daughter, who scuba dives, was keen to jump from the top. I wasn’t so keen, but just as she was climbing up, some divers returned from the sea into the lagoon and convened in the water beneath her, just in case. It gave me a little reassurance, but not all that much.

She did the jump a few times. When I looked at the photos afterwards, I realised it was unlikely to catch her in such a position that it looked like she was standing on a ledge half way down.











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