Luminescent Earth

Along with writing, I love photography and am fascinated by the sky. Never a good move when driving of course, but am often distracted by the colour of the sky. I could literally take a photograph of the sky twice in as many minutes and it would appear differently.

I find in photography I am often drawn more to colour than to subject or composition. Some of my favourite photographs are simply because I am in love with the mix of colours and the sky never seems to disappoint.

I love the piercing azure blue sunny skies of California, the magical deep midnight blue sky on a clear night, milky indigo on a dewy morning and the lure of a sparkling aquamarine Maldives ocean. No sunrise or sunset is ever the same. Flying above Greenland the sky can be the most beautiful shade of pink, orange and red, like giant pillows of candy floss against the vast expanse of white below.

While travelling on a night flight recently back from San Francisco I was mesmerised by the horizon appearing luminescent as though the earth was glowing.

Another magical moment of mindfulness…


Daily Post: Word Prompt/Luminescent

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