Noticing Joy

Joy is all around you if you notice it.

I had not experienced joy too much in my life. It was one of those fleeting emotions that came and went, but not often and I can’t think I ever really noticed it. It is difficult to experience joy when you are unhappy most of the time. My kids of course have brought me joy and continue to do so every time I am with them. Aside from them, however, joy was always very fleeting.

When I first started yoga, I remember leaving a class and feeling what I can only describe as being in a bubble of joy. For no reason, other than how the class had left me feeling. I was floating, elated and uplifted. It was so overwhelming that I could hardly contain the feelings and wanted to burst.

Over the years I have come to notice joy more and recently as my meditation seems to have supersized, joy is everywhere. It’s in the sky as I drive along and then when I notice that, I find I turn a corner only to see the sky again from a different perspective and yet more joy. It’s in the kid waiting at the crossing with his mum, doing a funny dance, or the lady hoisting up her dress at the cash machine (ATM) because it got stuck in her underwear (the dress, not the ATM). It’s in the flowers being sold off in the shop because they are dying, but then I get them home and they look like they were picked fresh yesterday. It’s in my garden, as tired, cold and worn out as it looks, hibernating in this freezing cold weather. It’s hearing the son my son is playing on his keyboard or hearing my daughter singing in the shower. It’s the smell of fresh air when I walk out of the house, the stars in a clear sky when I look up to let the dog out at night. Joy is literally everywhere and the more you notice it, the more joy there seems to be to notice. I smile at things throughout the day that before I would never have even noticed. I laugh out loud at things that before I would never have been in a place to laugh about.

Why is this?

The act of noticing something truly enables you to notice more of it, but it is more than that. It is being mindful to notice in the first place. Meditation breathes life into your day and what flutters along with that is joy.

Tomorrow, be mindful. Expect joy….notice joy and experience joy.


[Today’s image is my talented nephew, Cory (aka San Francisco hip hop artist, Rezyl Azzir ]

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